I think I read Marian Keyes' first book, Watermelon, about 13 years ago. The book was released in 1995, and I discovered it 9 years later.

I can't stop thinking about this photo she posted on Instagram last month. She just now translated this book - a book that was released 22 years ago - into Icelandic and released it last month.

It was a good reminder that fiction never goes out of style!

5 things I've learned this week

A few months back, I announced that I'd like to start a weekly post to honor thy lady Thursday, the oft-overlooked day that she is. She doesn't get the punny title of "hump day" and no one's saying "TGIT," are they? I identify with her plight. I'm a middle child myself - it can be awkward, all wedged in the middle, and people forget to celebrate you. I myself raised this issue about Thursday in October, and then I forgot about the weekly post. Oops.

I'm determined to make up for it, so here's my take two. Here's 5 things I've learned this week:

1. Baby Byrne is looking to expand his or her home. I knew this would happen eventually, since the baby is now the size of an avocado and will eventually grow to a watermelon, so I expected it to scale up at some stage. It already put in for an expansion in the beginning, but I'm not sure I was prepared for this second round of renovations. They're painful. I'll spare you the details, but lets just say the he or she is currently bulldozing some of the current land in order to make room for the new build. I'll let you fill in the blanks.

2. My dog Instagram game is on point. I'm not and never have been a dog owner, but I do follow a fair few canines on Instagram for heartwarming purposes exclusively. I thought I was a innocuous admirer, but my affections have been returned. More and more dogs are following me now, completely unprompted. See for yourself - I've nailed my dog Instagram game. I'm nearly at the stage where more dogs are following me than humans!

Yep - that's 3 dog adds in one day! When's the last time humans showed me that sort of appreciation

Yep - that's 3 dog adds in one day! When's the last time humans showed me that sort of appreciation

3. Consistent cold + rain = furious pregnant lady. This was news to me, since I'd always thought my sunny disposition could overshadow any rain clouds. I prided myself on my ability to rise above the often hideous weather in Ireland, but I did not account for harboring a fetus during these darkest of wintry months. It turns out, Baby Byrne and I are susceptible to bouts of fury that increase as the rain continues its relentless downpours. We'll try and limit our social influence until we're out of the woods in March, but you've been warned. We can't control how we respond these days.

Throwing it back to hot, dry and non-pregnant therefore non-sober me just a few months back. Le sigh.

Throwing it back to hot, dry and non-pregnant therefore non-sober me just a few months back. Le sigh.

4. My hilarious commentary post-football game needs to be refined. My husband has watched every Arsenal game since the early 90s, so I know better than to say much during the game. Afterwards, though, is a great time to test out new material. Or so I thought. I began by calling out some of the players names I knew and speaking about their performance in fictional terms, and I was sure my material would draw a few laughs. Crickets. Maybe I need to work on my timing? Or find a new target audience? It's tough to say, but I do know it needs to be refined.

5. Ditto on my less hilarious but more accurate commentary during Jaws - it needs to be refined. I watched Jaws for the first time this week, and I openly reacted to the numerous scenes where the shark killed people (sorry - I should've said 'spoiler alert'). I'd like to think I was providing the equivalent of a laugh track to the movie, so that other viewers knew how to feel about the scene. The sole other viewer (my husband) disagreed. He even went so far as to deem my commentary distracting AND detracting. It's hard to know how to improve without constructive feedback, but I understand my commentary is not yet where it needs to be. Something to strive for.

So there you are! 5 things to honor day 5. Happy Thursday to all! I'll be back next week.