I think I read Marian Keyes' first book, Watermelon, about 13 years ago. The book was released in 1995, and I discovered it 9 years later.

I can't stop thinking about this photo she posted on Instagram last month. She just now translated this book - a book that was released 22 years ago - into Icelandic and released it last month.

It was a good reminder that fiction never goes out of style!


Hey there, good lookin! I'm just back from a lovely week non-skiing around a bunch of skiiers in a very fancy ski village in the French Alps, because #preggo. All of this non-skiing left lots of time for me to ponder the great mysteries of the universe, and I emerged enlightened. It was tough, but I went ahead and narrowed it down to 5 lessons I learned this week. So, without further ado, here's what I know:

1. Baby Byrne and I are on opposite sleep schedules. This was news to me, since I thought my child, like me, woke solely to eat, but this is not the case. Apparently, my spastic, jerky movements throughout a typical day are soothing to Baby Byrne. She's lulled to sleep, which is why babies respond to being rocked to sleep once they're out of the womb. Fascinating, right? It's also why they have to be trained to expect sleep when it gets dark, because they're often in the deepest stages of NREM sleep while the rest of us are, say, having solo concerts to Broadway's Hamilton while making dinner. That baby's missing out!

2. My immune system is comically shit at its job. Like, I don't want to pass down judgement, but you have one job. When I get a head cold/lingering cough in 2/2 months of 2018, maybe the old immune system is slacking. Maybe it feels bored, stagnant. Maybe it doesn't see the upward mobility or possible career pathing. Whatever the reason, I think we can all agree that maybe a demotion is in order. Gall bladder, you've been promoted. Time to step up.

3. I'm a really easy sell. I used to think I was a high maintenance broad, but my fears were put to rest on Valentine's Day. Mr. Byrne crafted his own card, bought me chocolate, made me pasta, and I was like "This is EVERYTHING." I'm a low maintenance chick. Who knew?

"Caged Wisdom" FTW!

"Caged Wisdom" FTW!

4. It's really chill inside that womb. We had our 20 week scan earlier this week, and Baby Byrne was hanging out with his little legs crossed. I'd share the photo with you, but you'd be like "get that melted waxy alien out of here," because Baby Byrne is only half-baked as we speak. He's not quite camera ready, so you'll have to take my word for it. In any event, he is completely immune to the adults being like "What if I just ate something/moved in the certain way to compromise this child's development?" Good for Baby Byrne. He's like, "You old people have fun freaking out. I'll see you in Summer." Touché, baby.

5. And, finally, persistence pays off. I've been living in Ireland for 4 years, and I *just* saw my first rainbow. I've endured approximately 9,230,583,347,324 rain storms, and this here was my reward. A faint, non-brilliant display of ROYGBIV casually gracing my Tuesday morning commute to work. I've stared at many a-sky, to no avail, but this little muted color display that I could just barely detect re-ignited my faith in nature. So worth it.

hey there, mediocre muted rainbow I had to turn the contrast way the hell up on to even see! You were well worth the wait.

hey there, mediocre muted rainbow I had to turn the contrast way the hell up on to even see! You were well worth the wait.

Yeah, so, that was my week. Until next time!