I think I read Marian Keyes' first book, Watermelon, about 13 years ago. The book was released in 1995, and I discovered it 9 years later.

I can't stop thinking about this photo she posted on Instagram last month. She just now translated this book - a book that was released 22 years ago - into Icelandic and released it last month.

It was a good reminder that fiction never goes out of style!

London Street Eats part 2

I know I’ve said it once before, but the street food in London has gotten SO GOOD. I mean, ridiculous. I lived in London from mid-2012 until early 2014, and I can say with full confidence that the food market scene was nothing compared to how it’s evolved.

Back then, it was this fresh faced country girl without a stitch of makeup and virginal hair all, “Oh jiminy cricket, I’m plum touched you’d consider me for this role. I’ll be back lickety split after milking this heiffer and heaving the naughty cock from the hen house.”

I’ve spent a decent amount of time on the farm. I think that’s pretty apparent.

Anyways, that was then. Today’s London street food scene is like, “Which way to my private dressing quarters? Who ordered me parma ham when I explicitly requested prosciutto? Fire him instantly. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you. Also, if there is even a drop of white truffle oil in my suite masquerading as black I will end you.”

In other words, she’s a star.

I was in London this past weekend, and the markets were our first stop when we landed at like 10 am. We spent a hot second back at Maltby Street market, which if you’ll recall is the offshoot of Borough Market. The latter’s vendors didn’t want to pay the exorbitant prices to be in Borough Market, so they moved to this adorable location like 10 min away.

dumplings from Maltby Street market

dumplings from Maltby Street market

I spoke at length about the different options at Maltby Street, but this was the first time I tried the soup dumplings. I mean, drool. They come steamed and then seared, topped with a chili oil and filled with ground chicken and chicken stock. Delicious!

We also had a grilled cheese sandwich from this place (I got the Mexican one because chorizo, obviously), but I left it at that since we had Borough Market to hit. I had to pace myself.

Oysters and urchin

Oysters and urchin


Borough Market, while touristy, is such a treat. There are delicious ethnic food stalls serving up fresh pasta, produce, specialty cheeses, truffle everything, charcuterie for the masses, paella, middle eastern treats, quirky meats (ie ostrich and kangaroo burgers!) and delicious and unique seafood, to name a few.

Basically, you could spend an entire day and several thousand calories there and be like, “What time is it? Where am I? Who am I?!” when you rise from that inevitable food coma a few hours later.

My husband was immediately drawn to the seafood counter, where they boast an array of oysters of all different sizes and origins. He ate the urchin and oyster plate above before moving onto a oyster that was roughly the size of an 8-year-old child. Check it out:

oyster the approximate size of an 8-year-old child

oyster the approximate size of an 8-year-old child

Absurd! He’s probing it with a fork because he was unsure if it would go down the gullet without slicing and dicing it, but he managed just fine.

I was craving some salt beef, which is the British version of corned beef, AKA Jewish deli food. I wandered around like a cartoon characters following some wavy smell squiggles for close to an hour before we finally located a salt beef station. And huzzah, we found one at last!

I decided to go full Brit and have mine on a bagel with mustard and a pickle. It was drip down your arm good. Like, seriously. It dripped all the way down my sleeve as if I was downing a greasy burger rather than the Anglicized food of my people, but I still highly enjoyed.

I also had a delicious juice (apple, pear and mint), pesto gnocchi from the fresh pasta place, baklava from the Middle Eastern place (naturally – I die for baklava) and more gut busting foods I’m struggling to remember now. All in all, a great day!

me and my salt beef

me and my salt beef