Buy the ebook versions of my Raindropt series at a sweet discount!

Books 4 is available to buy as of the 16th of November 2017.

Buy the ebook versions of my Raindropt series at a sweet discount! If you'd prefer to shop on Amazon or iBooks, I feel ya. Links are below:

Book 4, Roused, Above the Fray, is available for sale as of November 16!

Roused (book 4) - E-reader version

Roused (book 4) - E-reader version

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All seems calm in the Bosch rainforest, but Leah Fox knows chaos brews beneath the surface. The events of Tribute Day left her shaken and confused, and King Aves' abrupt absence gave way to a seriously scary creature on the throne. A sudden drought is wreaking havoc on the forest food supply and putting creatures out of work, yet the temperature continues to climb. Leah knows why - there's a war between the magical community and demons going on within the Boschic borders - but she's sworn to secrecy. 

Leah feels powerless to change anything, since it all seems too much for a portie to handle. She'd rather stay out of politics entirely, but she's starring in a play as the worst creature in Boschic history. To make matters worse, she's started having feelings for a male other than Alex, and the guilt is overwhelming. 

The witch has given her too much information, so she can't sit around and do nothing. 

What if Leah's actions bring the chaos to the surface?

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